Offshore Sarasota Jan 6th

Went out today with the intentions to put my friends cousins from New York on some Goliath Grouper just to watch them struggle…… :) . So we started out the day at M5 to load up on spanish mackeral and with in a short amount of time we had about 15 in the cooler and off we went  to our goliath spot. After an hour we had one pull off within seconds and no other takers……..darn! So we decided to change things up and look for some new spots in the area, after about 30 minutes of crusing around we came across what looked like a really nice ledge. So first drift over the spot and instant tripple hook up!!!!! Ended up being two gag grouper and one nice fat red grouper, so after we took some photos, released the gags and boxed the red I decided to anchor on this spot to see what else it had to offer. After about 2 hours we ended with countless red grouper and mangrove snapper! I was very suprised to see the snapper bitting the way they were because of the full moon coming up and the fact that we had no chum at all, they must have been hungry. We called it a day around 1pm, ended up keeping 3 red grouper and 16 snappers for the dinner table not too bad for a day when we wernt even going for food fish…lol.

Here are some pictures from today

Slick calm conditions all day, bait cut bonita, fishing depth 65ft

Offshore Sarasota

Headed out today with snapper and grouper in mind, as Aaron from orlando wanted to have a day on the water and some fresh fillets. Left the inlet around 7am to a proven snapper spot of mine. Well we ended up with 30 Mangrove, 7 trigger fish, 10 porgy, 6 lane snapper, 3 Aj’s and one lucky Scamp grouper that went home with me :)    .After our limit of snapper was reached we picked up and headed over to a nice ledge that I found a few years ago that always produces to see what the red grouper were up to ……. well they were coming over the gunnel as fast as we could get  our bait down. Ended up with 12 red grouper up to 15lbs and let go atleast 30 or more shorts. All in all a great day on the water, ended up with 65lbs of cleaned fillets, lots of gag grouper were caught and released today as well. Here are a few pictures from today.

Every thing but the grouper were caught on live shrimp, red grouper were caught on bonita strips and frozen sardines.

hope you enjoy

Captain Tim