Had a chance to be the guest today on a friend’s flats boat and decided to get one more tarpon trip in before I head to the Bahamas.

The tarpon were all cruising in single file, quickly to the south all morning.  Did not even get a cast at a fish.  After a few hours we decided to pack it in and head back to the Venice Jetties.

Just as we got to the Venice Public Beach, we spotted a fairly large pod of tarpon doing the “happy dance”.  We easilly got set up on them and on the second cast with a crab, blammo !  The fish went ballistic and spent more time in the air than the water I think.  He put on the best show of any of the tarpon we have caught this year.

Here is a link to the video:



There are some other videos on the channel, check them out.


Be safe everyone !!



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