Large shark Stump Pass

We got the usual crew of Rich, Frank, Pat and myself for a offshore trip to 60 to 70 feet of water. We had caught lots of ladyfish , Jax’s and grunts in the past inshore fishing so we picked up some squid and shrimp too. We were out after the full moon and hoped it would not make too much difference.

We we  started at several spots in the 60 to 65 ft range and we were marking fish but they were not biting. So we went to another spot and started catching some grunts then some short grouper. Finally Rich hooked something big. The rod bent and he was telling us he thinks it might be a Jew Fish. All during the fight he was saying boy am I glad I rigged 50 lb braid and a new 60 lb mono leader.last night! We reeled  in out lines and let him fight the fish and about 15 minutes later he gets this 5 to 7 ft Nurse shark to the boat!!!!! We caught one keeper Red at 24 in and several Lane snapper too.

We released to Nurse shark and Rich sat down for about 10 minutes to recover!!!! Even though the overall bight was light we of course had a blast.

Joe M

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