Club Fishing Reports


After a week of rain, we ( club members Rich, Bob, Jim, & I ) were anxious to get offshore.  The wind was down, and there were steady rollers left over because of the West wind from the day before. Anyway, headed W to about 70 ft. and did some drifting. The wind was perfect for about an hour and we had a slow drift. Then the wind died altogether,  the seas flattened out, and it got really HOT. This was the the first time ever that I did not set anchor at all for the entire trip. Fish wise, we had a decent day and Rich Ben had the hot rod with 4 keeper Red Grouper. Headed in early afternoon just to cool off.

Fishing Stories

This week was an interesting week so far. Staring with the Snake Island get together which was great, Thanks Keven and all who put it together.

Opening day for Gag was Tuesday and Monday I went out to catch some pin fish . I was using a Ubiki rig and the unexpected happen. First I hooked a small 6 ” shark by it’s tail ,first ever. But the highlight of the day was the Tarpon. Yes I hooked a Tarpon with a Ubiki rig. While bringing in a pin fish a Tarpon came up to the boat and snatched the pin fish. The fight last about 1 second ,but he was hooked so I guess you could say that I cough a Tarpon on a #8 hook.

Tuesday Harry and Friend went out to catch some Gag’s. Went to a spot where I been catching ( and releasing ) Gags.  We got grouper but the wrong color. While bottom fishing we were  free lining a large blue runner on a float with a double treble hook set up . It was only about 50 – 75 ft. behind the boat. The unexpected came again, a large, fat 30 to 40lb. King fish torpedoed straight out of the water about 5 feet snatching the blue runner. It was awesome  to see that large fish so close.  The rod went down and he was hooked taken off half of my line in about 10 seconds. A smoker he was. Trying to slow him down a little I started to apply a little drag and I was cut off. It must of been wrapped around the fish when he jumped out of the water. I wouldn’t of keep him if I did get him to the boat but it was fun to have him on the line.

That’s why I love getting out on the water you never know what you will see or catch.

Happy 4th. of July to all.DSCN1024[1] DSCN1021[1]DSCN1024[1]



Club Raft Off Snake Island June 28th

We had an awesome day for a club get together at Snake Island, just inside Venice Inlet.  Steph and I, along with Club member Dennis Schulte arrived at around 10:00 am and got our picnic area set up.   County workers had brought a really nice picnic table out to the island and this served as the perfect area to set up shop for the day.  Dennis was kind enough to bring several large umbrellas, coolers filled with ice, cases of water, tubes and water games.  Talk about committing to the club !  Thank you Dennis.

We set up a large pop up tent, folding chairs and another table with all of the food.  We got the gas grill fired up as soon as Bob Rohland’s incredible smoked kingfish dip started to  get low.  If you ever get a chance to taste this fish dip, do it.  I’ve eaten a lot of seafood dishes in my time and I will tell you, this was good !!  Kudos Bob!!!

I had gone fishing yesterday afternoon and caught a mess of yellowtail and mangrove snapper.  I cleaned them right on the island and we grilled them in a butter sauce.  Very simple, but tasty!

We were able to beach some of the shallow draft boats right on the island, while the larger boats anchored up just off the beach.  The weather was perfect and the afternoon thunderstorms held off just long enough for us to enjoy a great day on the water.  Colin Lulloffs chased pinfish and greenbacks all day with his high powered water gun and Maggie the Jack-Russell Terrier swam laps around everyone as they floated in the clear water.  It truly was a great day !!

Thank you to everyone who not only came out, but brought great dishes, food and supplies that made the day worthwhile.  I would really like to do more of these raft-offs – they are fun.

I think we will do a day cruise to a sand bar or other location in Sarasota instead of our regular club meeting at Marine Max in July.  I will put it out to the group and see what the consensus is.  In the meantime, here are a few pics from today.

Beautiful Day on the Water

Had a great day going out in Harry Krimmel boat last Tuesday.  There was four of us to share the day. The wind was down and the water in 80+ feet was crystal clear. We got enough Grouper for all of us to have dinner and a lot of mixed snapper. Also a 15 to 18lb.  little Tunney was boated . Hooked while letting down a line for snapper. That was a  surprise.

Also we were greeted by a Remora that was looking for a hand out. I lowered down my GoPro and he came over to check it out. Watch the short video below.

Came across a few schools of fish out there feeding on the surface. The fishing report tonight said that there are Black Fin out in the 80 to 120 ft. I guess we should of spent more time trolling .Get them next time.

Thanks Harry for a good day and the beer.

See you all at Snake Island Saturday.


Fisherman get together

Hello fellow club members and guest. Just a reminder that a bunch of fish smelling old fisherman are going to meet at the Sun Set Grill in Nokomis this Thursday at 6:00 pm. So stop by have a beer and lets talk fishing.Pop'sGot out on the  water  Monday and wanted to troll with live blue runners for large Kings  .Had a half of dozen in my fish trap over night only to f ind the next morning that something ripped a hole in it and left me one blue  runner . But we did troll with it for  about an hour with no luck. Spotted a few schools of   fish feeding on the surface. switched to lures and picked up a Spanish mackerel . Most schools were just chopping up the surface and most likely were Spanish, I guess.But we came upon one school that was splashing the surface and you could see the backs of them  which looked black . I suspect there were large Tunney’s  or small Black Fins. We trolled around with no hook ups. Trying to get close to cast a Jig to them they would sound .But once we drifted to the school  and placed a 3oz. jig but nothing. Next scaled down to a  one once and no hook up. So after most of  the day chasing  a ghost we fished the bottom for Grouper and snapper and came home.

We were out due West  in the low 70 feet of water.  Hope someone else had better luck with them than we did.

If so tell us about it Thursday at Pop’s .

See you all there


GoPro First Video


I’m trying to learn how to post a video. I was told to post it on You Tube and copy it and post it . You might have to click on the above. Lets see if it works

Anyway I went out the other day and cough this shark and tried to get it on video. I got a lot to learn.

School’s Out Lets Fish!!

My grand son , Anthony  and Harry and Mike , Club members went out yesterday to see if we could hook up on some target fish for a first time trip with my grandson! We left Venice inlet at 7–720am and that was good. Since there were some serious rain storm clouds within sight.

We motored away from all the storms inland and ended up in some area’s I had not fished but had bottom that looked good on my Blue Chart. But before we got there we had fished a try spot and of course had our SureMarker fall apart when we chucked it overboard. Thanks to Harry we had a small marker that worked.

Got on the spot after several hours dodging the storms and the weather cleared.   Dropped lines and BAM fish on everywhere. Anthony had a fish on , Harry  and Mike too. Well in one hour we had 6 keeper RG with several shorts thrown back some LS  and  BL too cought two Trigger fish too they went back into the water. Anthony caught 4 keeper groupers with some great help from Harry and Mike. Back to land by 12 noon with fish still biting !!!!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Offshore Trip 6/6/14

My brother Wayne, & fellow Club members Bob, Mike, Joe, & I had a decent trip this past Friday. Joe caught the delightful looking ” BATFISH ” and won “ugliest fish prize” .  He also caught the huge Snapper.  Brother Wayne tangled with a 3 ft. Shark and had a good time with it. Incidentally, while motoring we encountered a huge shark  that nobody wanted to tangle with ! ( 6+ )OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA photo 1 photo 2 As can be seen in the photos, it was a Grouper & Snapper day.

Opening Day for ARS

There was the five of us on this Sundays trip, myself, Cappy ( my Bro ) Harry,Gary and Tom. We headed out 40 miles in 123 ft of water in search for the American Red Snapper. The only thing we had in our  favor was the wind with us going out. It was rough with 5+ seas and using all the 300 ft of line to hold bottom. We tried a couple spots where last year did good with RG and ARS and King Mackerel. This year nether of the above .It was the strangest day I ever had . Didn’t even pick up anything from the bottom. Time getting short we started trolling back .

We had better luck trolling with three dolphin hook ups and one Tunney. No birds or school of fish was seen. Was trolling with my favorite Dolphin lures. Three rods out .One short two long. All was released .They were little guys only 18 .” The tunny was kept for bait. The dolphin action ended after we got under 100 ‘ of water . If the weather was not getting as bad as it was getting we would of stayed out and picked up more dolphin and hopefully some bigger ones.

It was rough getting back and got rained on a little but made it back to the dock before the big down pour .I had to wait an hour before I could take the boat home.

It was fun seeing the Dolphin , nothing like I’m use to seeing when living in Marathon in the Keys but we had fun and made it back safe . Looking forward to the next trip.







IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2268

Opening Day – American Red Snapper

Even with a not so great weather forecast, decided to take what may be the only opportunity to get some ARS this shortened season.

Left MarineMax at 04:00 hours, picked up live bait at our drop spot, plus we were loaded with some great Mahi Macs shrimp and squid wings.

Decided that our first stop should be in 147 FOW as we had picked some great Red Snappers at this location 2 weeks ago, but of course, being out of season, they were returned.

The first stop, while it held loads of fish, most had lockjaw. We did get a few smaller ARS, they were legal but decided it was too early in the day to keep small fish. We also lost several large fish which were either large gags or sharks.

Moved out to 162 FOW and started chumming with frozen ladyfish. That turned them on and at this spot we caught 12 ARS to 33 inches, 3 large mangrove snapper, 3 red grouper and 3 nice margate.

All in all a good day.

Tom with the best ARS of the day, 24lb and 33 inches.

Tom with the best ARS of the day, 24lb and 33 inches.

Tom Daily with the best ARS of the day, 24lb and 33 inches.

Tom Daily with the best ARS of the day, 24lb and 33 inches.

Tom Dailey, Neil Cone and Bob Nordstrom

Tom Dailey, Neil Cone and Bob Nordstrom