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Offshore Sarasota Superbowl Sunday

Went offshore superbowl sunday with the intentions of catching a Mako but like always the weather man was wrong again, was suppose to be 10-15kts with 2-3ft seas but after hitting the 20 mile mark it was easy 4-5ft with a few 6 footers mixed in. So changed plans on the way out and decided to opt out of targeting a 200-400lb high jumping shark (a bit too dangerous in rough conditions) and go for some snapper and Ajs.

Ended up with a 20lb cobia, some nice 4-5lb mangs, some yellowtail snapper, b-liners, porgie, AJs in the 30-40lb class, oh and a african pompano.

Ran in around 2pm and made it home for the Bowl

Capt. Tim

African pompano

all fish

Fishing Show update

Hey everyone,

I put a report on here a few months ago about shooting a new fishing show and I am pleased to tell you that the Sarasota Episode will air January 29th 3pm and February 2nd 7am on NBC Sports. The name of the show is GAFF LIFE, please tune in or set your DVR’s to watch!


Captain Tim Noe

Monster triple tail off sarasota/longboat

Hey guys!

Went out for a few hours today with one of the mates that I work with to target some triple tail since he told me he has never caught or eaten one. So we left the dock around 12:30pm with a few dozen hand pick shrimp in search of some triple tail. Started running the crab pots and with in minutes we had our first tail in the box, only about a 16 incher but a good way to start the day. For the next half hour or so we probably caught 7-10 shorts between 12-15 inches and then I see the beast of triple tail hanging on a buoy. We throw the biggest shrimp we had on a circle hook, put it right in front of his nose and he sucked it down! Ended up fighting that fish for almost 15 min but we finaly got him in the boat and we put him on the scale to see what he weighed………. 18 POUNDS!!!!!!
High fives all around and we were off for some more, about 20 minutes later I run across another monster, ended up catching him too and he weighed 11 Pounds. So with our cooler full of meat we head in to fillet our catch. Was great conditions out there, it was slick calm and sunny, we probably saw over 20 tails out there including the ones we caught.

Here are some pics, enjoy!

Captain Tim

Sarasota Bay gag grouper, last day loosers!

Today being the last day for gags I decided I wanted to get some more fillets in the freezer before our government puts a permanent ban on them all together. So I call up one of the other captains I work with and tell him to meet me at the dock around 1pm to do some fishing. I load up a few pounds of sardines and some heavy gear because these gags in the bay are tough!!! I mean really, really tough, the gag on the far right in the picture below is 31 inches and he almost pulled me in the water. We are using penn senator 6/0 with 60lb mono, 100lb fluorocarbon leader, 10/0 Circle hooks and locked down drags (this is more like combat than fishing).

So we get out to my “super secret” spot in sarasota bay, I start chumming to get the grouper out of their holes and to the back of the boat. With in 40 min we had out limit of gags ranging from 24-31inches, a few break-offs from what had to be some monsters and 2 nice flounder. On a quick side note there have been more flounder in the bay than I have seen in the entire time I have fished sarasota, two weeks ago 2 ladys on my boat got 17 flounder in 2 hours and I have been getting between 3-10 keepers on almost every trip! Just thought I would let you guys know (go flounder fishing).

Here are some before and after photos from today


Then after beer batter

Fishing Show shoot out of Sarasota

Hey everybody been a while since I have put up a report been super busy but with all this wind I have nothing to do so I decided to give you guys a update.

Around the end of September I get a call from a buddy of mine that is a camera guy for a new fishing show that will be on NBC Sports in January 2013 called Gaff Life. He calls me and said they were going to shoot a show in North Carolina but there was some bad weather so it got canceled and would I be able to put a offshore trip together for the show? So of course I said hell yeah, called my boss who owns the Flying Fish Fleet and I tell him what we want to do and we quickly put a trip together. Two days later at 3:00am we are loading the 43ft Hatteras “Big Catch” with 4 camera guys, the host, one of our good clients, myself and the captain for a 36 hour trip.

As the sun breaks over the horzion we are greeted with a steady 15+kt wind and some thunderstorms in our path, so we did some creative driving and got out to some decent water to start trolling. We are running a simple 5 spread with lures, ballyhoo and some skirted lures, with in 30 min we start getting bites, mahi, bonita, and cudas are just eating everything we put out. After about a dozen scholie sized mahi we pull the smaller lures in and switch them out for larger ones to target something bigger. Few hours go by and all of the sudden a big sailfish crushes the left flat runs for about 30ft, thrashes his bill and the hook pops out………darn. By this time we are about it 220ft of water and we see a nice show on the bottom finder so we pull the trolling lines in and drop down to the bottom to see what is down there. Ended up finding some red grouper and Red porgy (delicious by the way) so we put about a dozen of each in the cooler and put the trolling lines back in and off we went. About an hour before the sun goes down the right flat starts screeming and we are finaly greeted with a nice wahoo.

As we were trolling we ran over a nice 6ft ledge in 260Ft of water so the captain decided that would be a good place to anchor up for the night, we were planning to run out to the steps for some swordfish but the weather was not on our side, we had steady 4-6ft seas and thunderstorms in the distance and we had been getting rained on through out the day too. So we set the anchor (twice because of the nasty conditions) and settle in for a long night, I start switching out the trolling rods for bottom fishing gear and preping the baits. By this time its about midnight and everyone is starting to relax and get some sleep, except for me……. I mean its not every day that you get to night fish on a 6ft ledge 75 miles offshore in the gulf. So im fishing while everyone else is sleeping and im pulling in monster red snapper one after another they all had to be over 20lbs, vented and released the snapper and now im starting to get tired so I tell myself one more drop. On the same hook I put on a whole boston mackeral and a giant swordfish squid and send it down to the bottom…. with in 2 seconds I feel something big grab it and take off! After a brutal fight a 40lb gag comes in the boat, all the commotion wakes everyone up and then they all want to start fishing too. One of the camera guys grabs my rod, puts a bait on and gets hit on the way down, everyone thinks its going to be a small shark but ends up being a 28lb black fin. After that tuna a big thunderstorm moved in over us and shut the fishing down so we all grabed some sleep while we could.

The next morning thunderstorms still around us we decide to start heading back in for the spear fishing segment of the show, we get to a spot in about 90ft of water and divers go down and end up with 6 more nice gags and a 45Lb cobia. After that we headed in to clean the fish and get some real sleep for a change. A few days later we shot the inshore portion of the show since I run the flying fish fleets inshore boat. We mainly targeted snook and we also made a little detour to catch some gags that I knew were still holding in Sarasota Bay. We used the shows inshore 22ft Bonefish boat as the fishing boat and my charter boat the 24 pathfinder as the camera boat. Had a great time in the bay, landed about 8 snook over 30 inches and 3 gags that went home for dinner.

Here are some photos from the adventure, also a short video of the wahoo being caught.

Thaks for reading
Captain Tim

WAHOO VIDEO:  ——>    http://youtu.be/PrOnI_-fHrI

July 8th offshore report

Quick update on the offshore reports, had a 10hr trip first spot we get to 20 minutes and we had our 6 person limit on red snapper and several chunky red grouper we moved spots because the snapper were eating everything we tried to get to the bottom for grouper. Second stop resulted in some real nice gags and a half a dozen fat mangos. We check a few more spots and finished our limit on gags, reds and we even threw a few lane snappers in the box. We had about 2 hours to kill so we trolled for a bit and we had on what we think was a wahoo but after almost dumping 300-400 yards off a TLD 25 the hook just fell out………….DAMN! We trolled for a bit more and only ended up with some bonita. Most of the day was spent in 145ft of water west nort west of Sarasota, baits of choice were boston mackeral and live pinfish. Here is a picture of some of the better fish of the day

Captain Tim


Quick Offshore sarasota area report

I was out Thursday and today, offshore water is getting very clean, thursday we had a 6hr trip went out to 105ft of water north west of big pass ended  up getting 4 keeper gags, 6 red grouper, a 22inch flounder, bunch of big key west grunts,  10 mangs (one was 7lbs!) and a 74lb Cobia…….. The cobia story is great and I will have to tell it at the next meeting! Today we had a short 4hr trip, went out to some ledges in 55ft of water off sarasota, 3 keeper gags, 2 red grouper, 2 mangos, some large spanish macks, and about a dozen key west grunts.

Captain Tim Noe

Offshore report May & June

Sorry for not puting these reports up sooner I have been super busy.

Red grouper bite has been on fire from 70ft on out to target your keeper sized fish, broken hard bottom and ledges have been the best way to go. Best baits have been spanish sardines, squid, cut bonita and pinfish, some days they will eat one over the other and drifting has been the key to limit out.

Mangrove snapper has been good some days and not good on other days, the main factor is to watch the soluner tables and fish at the right times when they are feeding best. If the bite is slow start chuming on the bottom and get the fish fired up, dont be affraid to try different baits like shrimp, cut sardines, small chunks of bonita and even small pinfish. To have a really productive trip try fishing at night near and on the full moon dont be supprised if you get some lane snapper and yellow tail too!

Red snapper has been steady from 125ft on out but look for your larger ones to come in from that 150ft depth and deeper. Try to target broken hard bottom, ledges and when running from one spot to another watch your bottom finder for new spots. The bait of choice for them has been frozen sardines and squid with a few being taken on live pinfish. On a side note the has been alot of schoolie dolphin in that same depth so have a pitch bait ready at all times.

Near shore has been productive for grunts, flounder, spanish mackeral and I even got a HOGFISH in 25ft of water off venice! 

Here are some pics of some recent trips.

Be safe out there and catch some fish!

Captain Tim Noe

****Gag Grouper opens on July 1st and Red snapper closes July 10th so get in while the action is RED HOT!****

WOW Deep run anyone?

Saw this on the satellite imagery and had to share, this is a loop current 75miles from Venice ………. pelagic fish anyone?

Gerber Pocket knife

I just ordered a new pocket knife for myself and I am looking to sell my old one, its power springs assisted opening, serrated and flat edge pocket knife. Handle is made from composit materal to keep the weight lighter, cost me about $60 but selling it for $25 o.b.o.

Call or text Tim at 407-436-6268 or shoot me an email at captaintimnoe@live.com