ARS and Who to Boot

Made it out Saturday June 2nd.  Left the dock about 4:30 with a fresh breeze from the west.  Knew NOAA’s 2-3 foot forecast wasn’t realistic and indeed met some 3-4 footers head on out of the Venice Jetties in short order.  Throttled back to about 19 knots and settled in for 3 hours for the 50+ mile trip out.  Hit our spot at 7:30am in about 160ft and true to history, the sonar lit up as I’d hoped.  Non-stop action for the next 45 minutes put 10 ARS in the boat from 6 to about 14 pounds.  We did vent a few smaller ones and trade up.

Now what do we do? Decided to put out the trolling lines and explore for awhile.  Next hour meandered out to about 180ft and picked up a medium kingfish and a couple bonito.  Sargassum started to show up, although scattered, and just before lines in to try another bottom spot, the 6/0 clicker started screaming on the port flat line.  It was Mike’s turn, and he turned the fish pretty quickly.  The first sight said barracuda (as we’d seen some free swimming a few minutes before), but my view from the tower saw vertical stripes.  Hoo!    Transom door came open and we slid in a 45 pounder.  Nice!

We stopped at a couple more bottom spots and picked up a few respectable RG’s to round out the day.  Current was ripping, so drifts were frought with some tangles, but we managed.  Following seas on the way back made the ride much more pleasant, and a plate of sashimi and cold drinks hit the spot!

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