Florida’s Premier Fishing and Boating School

Our fishing school offers courses and guidance for the novice fisherman and those who recently moved to Florida.  Simply put, we teach you how to catch Florida fish, now.

What Are We?

We are a fully state licensed, insured, LLC company specializing in “educating fishermen and boaters on how to be more proficient, safe, confident, and knowledgeable while fishing and boating in Florida State Waters” . “We teach you in hours, what would normally take years and a lot of money to learn” .

Who are our customers/clients?

The vast majority of our “students” are novice to moderately skilled fishermen that have recently moved to Southwest Florida, or just purchased their first boat.  Most have some experience fishing, but are using methods and equipment that is geared for species not found in Florida waters.

A lot of our clients are Freedom Boat Club members. FBC is arguably the best alternative to “boat ownership” and offers great initial boat handling orientation instructions.  We pick it up from there however, teaching you to become a successful angler.  We spend a lot of time with FBC members, helping make their time on the water much more enjoyable for themselves, friends and most importantly their family.

How does the Academy work?

Courses are designed with lesson plans, outlines and driven around Power Point Presentations and hands on experience in a professional classroom setting.  Our classroom courses include printed text materials and the ability for the student to bring their own equipment into the classroom for set up, adjusting and fine-tuning.  Sometimes, just putting the line on the reel can be a challenge.  Not any more!

Marine mechanics and electronic experts come into the classroom to provide extra insight into the finer points of maintaining your boat, diagnosing and managing on the water engine troubles and fully understanding your Fish Finder and other marine electronics.  We even offer on-line courses for those unable to attend in the classroom.

We help fine tune your electronics, teach you to anchor over a piece of structure, decide what species to fish for, the best baits, and even how to better care for and cook your catch.

What Other Unique Services Do We Offer?

We are a perpetual resource for all of your questions and needs, serving as the ultimate “Fishing and Boating Concierge Service”.  We are the only phone call you will need to make !  If we cannot personally assist you with your need, we have world-class resources that will help you.

We will even meet you at your favorite tackle store, marina or boat and help you make tackle or boat equipment purchases that will really save you money.  We are proud partners with Marine Max, which carries the Mako and Boston Whaler boat lines and offers the best customer service in the boating and fishing industry.

West Marine  is a strong supporter of our fishing school, and offers our customers a significant discount on purchases while we are with you.  We  manage an ongoing fishing and boating seminar series at two separate West Marine locations, including the Sarasota Flagship location.

We enjoy incredible relationships with many reputable businesses in the nautical world.  These types of partnerships do not come by easily, they are earned through content, quality and customer service.



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